Friday, June 24, 2016

Masculine Sorry For Your Loss Card

"that bad things happen to good people."

This is a card I made to send to relatives that 
recently had a major fire. 
Why did I use the image of a car on the card ?
Because they lost a few vehicles in the fire. 

I'm entering this card in the current Anything Goes Challenge at Through The Craft Room Door. Also since every time I use this stamp set I can't help but think of the movie American Graffiti , I am entering it in the current Cardz4Guyz Challenge, inspired by movies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Patriotic Planter Chair

Here is the second of four chairs I reclaimed from a flood
with plans of repurposing them into outdoor decorations / planters.
I listed them for sale, including the beautiful blooming geraniums,
for $25 each. Neither one sold, so I did not finish the other two chairs.
I think I am going to make one for myself though to replace

This chair uses masking for the lettering.
I used a removable, transparent contact type paper.
I wish I had remembered when doing this that it didn't 
work so well on the painted mailbox project I completed 
last year. Then again, had I remembered, I would have 
thought it didn't work too well due to the grooves on the box.
Anyway, although it was a great idea, the stuff wasn't quite sticky
enough to keep the paint from seeping underneath, making
more work for myself. Also, for some reason the outdoor type
paint I used stuck to the edges of the mask, trying to lift
off as I was removing it. It required hand cutting around each letter 
with an Xacto blade, ever so carefully to only cut the paint layer
and to follow the edges of the mask. Yep, much more work
than I had hoped for. However once it cleaned up,
I'm pretty happy with the effect I made with it ! 

 I carefully scraped away the dry paint with a toothpick.

Below is the mask after I removed it
(I didn't think to take step by step photos).
As you can see it is made up of many pieces.
I had to make it like this since I was using multiple
single Sizzix alphabet dies. I trimmed each piece and
lined them up as best I could to create one single masked word. 

I painted through the letters with a small paint brush,
 using indoor/outdoor craft paint. It required 
multiple layers to cover the dark finish of the chair. 

Thanks for looking =) 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Planter Chair

This is the first of four chairs I was repurposing
into outdoor decor, planter chairs.

I hand painted Welcome across the top rung
(it's been too long since I've done freehand
lettering and it shows!) then added hand made
burlap, lace and eyelet flowers. The large center
burlap flower was made from one of the straps
from the seat of the chair that had been removed
to make room for the flower pot.
They are hot glued on top of twigs
and raffia then tied to the chair.

I tried to sell it, complete with the gorgeous blooming geraniums,
for $25. I still have it................. 

See tomorrows post for a second chair I decorated;
it has a patriotic theme.

Three of the four chairs after cleaning them up
and before decorating. 

Thanks for looking =) 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Flowers In My Yard

This is going to be a different Father's Day this year since my Dad passed last fall.
No card to make or apple pie to bake this year..........................

I'll share a few photos of some of the flowers that are in full bloom in my yard
since I do not have a card this year.

The daylilies always do well.

The geraniums, above and below, are the two I bought
last year and tried to keep alive indoors all winter.
I really didn't think they were going to make it
and am super surprised at how well they are doing now outside ! 

The hydrangea is loaded with blooms this year,
the most I've ever seen on it ! 
In fact, last year there was only one single bloom
on it and it didn't arrive until late in the season.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Love You Dad digi kit

facebook timeline cover

page created with the 1st template challenge for June
found at

Love You Dad is a fun new kit by JMC Designs
that is now available at
It's great for fishermen, but has enough other elements
and awesome papers to create other types of digital projects !


2 Alphabets
8 Cardstock  - 12 X 12 300 dpi
25 Patterned Papers - 12 X 12 300 dpi
9 Word Art
21 Word Bits
79 Accents
54 Unique Elements:
3 Bows
4 Buttons
4 Fish
Can of Worms
4 Flowers
3 Frames
2 Grunge
3 Leaves
Fishing Pole
Fishing Net
5 Ribbons
2 RicRac
2 Signs
2 Stars
2 Stitches
4 Strings
Word Art