Monday, October 20, 2014

Beetles Invasion ! Asian Beetles That Is

Somehow these little bugs know when it is the warmest day 
of the week right before a cold snap,
taking flight from the woods and field to our house
in search of a place to overwinter.
It's crazy to see so many in flight at once -
and that you can hear them as they bounce off of the siding
 in search of the perfect place to land. 
It sounds almost like rain drops. 

How to tell the difference between Asian Beetles and Ladybugs
(we still call them ladybugs, it's easier to say !)

It's difficult to see in the photo all of them
that are on this one window, but there are lots !
Multiply that amount by oh, I don't know,
a million, and you'll be close to the number of them
trying to get inside the house and barn!

Don't dare go outside when they are swarming
because they get in your clothes, hair, etc and
they can "bite" ! They also stink if you squish them.
The good news is, we only have to deal with the
swarming of zillions of them for a few days.

This is inside the window above my craft table in the basement.
I circled several of them that were scurrying about it
at the time I took the photo.

This is my craft table directly under the above window.

Yes, they do get in the house but the majority of them are in
the attic. Lots make it into the basement, too,
while some do make it in to the main living areas.
Most die and those that live I will catch and throw
back outside. Waste of time though
since the little bugs will just try to come right back in.
We live in a 100+ year old house that has many small gaps
and old windows, easy places for them to enter.

Those that get away just crawl into the walls and windowsills,
up into the attic. Sometimes I'll find them hidden elsewhere
(especially amongst my crafty things in the basement).

Once spring arrives, those that live will make their way back out.
Most die. I joke that our house is insulated with ladybugs !

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Woolly Worm Winter Prediction ?

I saw this woolly worm racing across the floor of our new 
steel building in search of a place to over winter.
I rescued it, taking it to the old wood barn where
there are many things it can spend the winter under.

It has no black ends, if you believe the folklore,
it means we are in for a mild winter !
Wouldn't that be nice after the record setting winter
we had last year ?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Day, Sunshine !

sunshine and blue skies are on tap
after a full week of rain and gray skies !!!!!
There was fog early this morning in our little valley,
but it will be a beautiful day once the sun burns off the fog.
I sure was feeling "blah"
after so many dreary days without one single peek of the sun or sky.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deer Reflection Scrapbook Page

This is it, my final photo to be scrapped for my 
Photo Of The Week scrapbook album !!!!

After much indecision as to how I wanted to scrap this photo,
I decided to go super simple. 
I wanted to let one of my favorite photos (what a lucky shot!) show 
with no distractions. I've learned over these last few months of scrapping
my Photo of The Week submissions that I really do like the
"less is more" scrapping mentality, I put too much on some pages that 
distract from the photos. Also, as much as I liked putting my supplies to use
combining textures and being creative,  I'll admit that 
I prefer digital scrapbooking for numerous reasons ! 

I submitted this photo to our local newspaper to be considered as 
Photo Of The Week last summer.
It was taken last year during the historic flooding in our area.
I just happened to hear a "swish swish swish" sound of something
moving water, but couldn't see anything at first. 
I then caught a glimpse through the trees of a deer walking down the middle of our flooded road.
I rushed to grab my camera, but without thinking as I went out to the porch,
I let the door close a bit too loudly behind me, frightening it. 
I pressed the shutter button over and over, hoping to catch a photo of it
then got a bit worried as I realized it was headed my way, looking for dry land rather than
keep leaping through water. It ran across the yard and up onto our hillside.

Although my photo was not chosen,
a child jumping between two beds was,
making many of us scratch our heads as to who
chose the photo of the week and how,
my photo of this deer leaping out of flood waters
was printed in black and white as a sort of runner up.
I have the newspaper clipping and will scrap it on
a separate page along with some journaling.

How did I make this shadowbox" scrapbook page? 
I used corrugated card board (no idea how photo safe that is though!?)
to give the dimension to the page. I cut the center out of it
then used that piece, but trimmed down a bit, to mount the photo on
so it would pop back up to the height of the surrounding mat.
A little trick I learned decades ago when I was working in a frame shop.

The card stock is Early Espresso Textured Corednations by Stampin' Up!
I lightly sanded the edges to reveal the Kraft core.
The photo is mounted on Kraft card stock.
I decided to not add any words to this page.
They will all be on the opposite page that  
I feature the print from the newspaper on. 

Thanks for looking =)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Basketball Net Full Of Snow Scrapbook Page

One more (boring, simple) page from my 
Photo Of The Week scrapbook album.

This is a photo I took of record breaking snow
 last winter - nearly 14" of snow ! 
Once again , the photo printed out too dark.
The photo itself wasn't exposed properly I guess.
The barn should be red. 
I maybe should have tried to fix it in a 
photo editing program ? 

The background paper was from an old 
Die Cuts With A View stack.

The snowflakes were created with a 
coordinating stamp set and dies from Stampin' Up!
I stamped them with Whisper White Kraft ink
onto Smokey Slate card stock.

Thanks for looking =)