Saturday, May 29, 2010


I mentioned my cat stepping on the keyboard in my last post, so I thought I'd share a bit about the critters that own me.

Mulligan cat is the oldest at 13 years of age, born in a drainage tube at our old house. He is my crafting/computering buddy. Any time I am in the craft dungeon, he is there with me - or else outside the window looking in at me! Whenever I use the computer, he is in my lap. I guess because I don't sit still much, this is about the only lap time he gets with me unless I actually make time to watch a bit of TV.

Cassie dog is second oldest at the age of 12, she was a rescued frightened furr ball of a puppy. She's the only dog I have. She has several nicknames, but my favorite is Grinch Toes =) She absolutely loves the snow and going into the stinky creek for a dip. She also loves walking up to visit Grandma and Grandpa, they have better food and treats!

Next comes Kitty, who I brought home as kitten in hopes that she'd be a good barn cat 11 years ago. She isn't much of a barn cat anymore, preferring to go outside only when I do. She does like to chase bugs still and once in a while will chase her brothers around the house. That fat cat can still get up and move !

Lastly there is Ringo cat who was found as a teeny tiny kitten hurt and all alone in the yard. I tried to find him a new home, I really didn't need another cat, but no one wanted him so I now have a lovable mouser . When he does come inside, he demands attention almost to the point of being annoying !

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