Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Stampin' Up! goodies !

Wow ! I am surprised that the order I placed with Stampin' Up! on the evening of July 1st came in yesterday afternoon ! The company was swamped with orders from the awesome new catalog plus the holiday thrown in there not to mention all of the last minute orders from the old catalog, backorders, sell outs, changeover, color renovation - so many variables that made me think I wouldn't see my things until next week. As much as I want to create with the new colors/items and reorganize to make room for the new stamp sets, I won't be doing much of that today. It looks like we are going to have perfect weather that I need to take advantage of. The flower beds are over run with weeds again, the dog needs a bath and a hair cut, I really ought to vacuum out the car and wash it, etc.

Then again, it would be a good day to sit outside and seal my wood blocks before mounting my rubber stamps! Yes, I prefer the wood mount rubber stamps to the clear mounts. I seal my wood blocks with triple thick brush on glaze before I mount my stamps to them. I like to protect the wood from staining. Most classic dye inks will wipe off right away if they get on the sealed wood, there is minimal staining from certain colors if I am not careful. This is just a personal preference, it makes absolutely no difference in the quality of a stamped image if the wood blocks are stained =) I also think that sealing them protects the wood blocks a little from moisture damage when I clean them, especially after I have been stamping with paint.
So why go through all of the trouble of sealing the wood blocks rather than use acrylic blocks with clear mount rubber stamps ? Because I still prefer the wood mounts, even if they do take up more space. I personally don't like making certain I have numerous sized acrylic blocks to adhere each stamp to, then remove from, as I am working on a project. I can see myself maybe moving to clear mounts for alphabets though. I did order two sets of clear mounts by mistake . . . . . . maybe I will end up preferring clear mounts after I use them a bit (I do like that they take up far less space, I can imagine the room I'd have in my craft dungeon if all of my stamp sets were unmounted)

Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend !

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  1. It took me awhile but now that I have clear or unmounted I can't go back! The space itself is worth it. I just keep a basket of clear mounts where I work and use them as I go. Some sizes I have 2 of as I use them more.
    You'll see!


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