Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Some Holiday Magic contest entry - week 2

Here is my second submission to the Michael's Craft Some Holiday Magic contest.
This weeks project list of "ingredients" the contestants were given: a charger plate, scrapbook papers and glue.

Whew, it took nearly an entire day to cut and assemble the matchboxes alone !
If you are on facebook and go to the Michael's page, "Like" that page then you can access the contest gallery. Once in the gallery, you can "Like" individual projects, which could help the creator win a gift card and then be entered into a contest to win a crafting cruise. This is the photo you will see in the gallery for my submission; a "Like" button shows up with the description when you click on the photo:

Sizzix/Stampin' Up! matchbox die (or reuse real matchboxes)
card stock for the matchboxes
decorative papers
assorted decorative epoxy brads
star shaped brad
1/4" grosgrain ribbon for pull tabs
5/8" grosgrain ribbon for embellishing the tree and the plate
matching thread to gather 5/8"  ribbon
white paint and fine paint brush to hand letter around the edge of the plate
Stazon inks to stamp the ribbon tabs
tiny numbers rubber stamp set
clear drying paper adhesive
hot glue gun or super sticky double sided adhesive
scalloped circle card and paper doily for tree skirt
paper piercer to embellish tree skirt
1/6th inch hole punch to make holes for brads on each drawer and in each scallop of the card
ink pad and sponge to sponge around edges of paper
1) Create 24 matchboxes by using a pattern, a die cut machine or recovering premade matchboxes.

2) Decorate the front of each drawer as you wish. I used epoxy brads and little tabs of 1/4" grosgrain ribbon that I stamped tiny numbers onto with Stazon inks. I punched a tiny hole in the drawer front then poked the brad through the tails of the ribbon and into the hole. I added a dab of fray check (clear drying liquid glued will work) to the backside to help keep the ribbon from fraying.

3) Adhere the the boxes together in sections: 4x2, 3x2, 2x2, 1x2 and another 2x2 for the tree "trunk". I used super strong double stick tape. Wrap each section with decorative paper and 5/8" ribbon. Add extra embellishments as you like.

4) Adhere the sections together to form a tree. Use a strong adhesive, such as sticky strip or hot glue.

5) Make a little paper star or angel to attach to the top if you wish. I made my star freehand, as you can tell since it is sort of misshapen. Surely you could find patterns online.

6) Paint around the edge of the plate with the appropriate paint for your plate type and set according to manufacturers directions. I used indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paint then heat set in the oven since my plate was stone ware. There are other paints available for glass/ceramics.

7) Adhere scrapbook papers to the center of the plate.

8) Adhere ribbon along the edge of the paper. I gathered my ribbon with thread before adhering with super sticky double sided adhesive.

9) Embellish scalloped card to create a tree skirt. I used a paper piercer and punch then layered over a paper doily that I sponged brown ink onto. Adhere to the plate.

10) Use strong adhesive to attach tree to tree skirt/plate if you wish.

11) Write fun things to do on tags with your family during the holidays such as caroling, ornament making, cookie baking and insert in the drawers. Perhaps add tickets to holiday events or little tiny trinkets, candies.

Happy Holidays and thanks for looking =)


  1. Oh, my goodness, Heather! What a phenomenal project. That's a ton of work, but a fabulous end result! I'll take a trip to the Michael's page. This is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow is all I can say! This is way over the top compared to the entries I've seen so far. Now you have 8 likes!!! I am one of them!

  3. I think you'll be the winner!! I'd vote for you!! What a lot of work you did. Way to go!

  4. wowzers! what a fabulous entry! sure hope you win!

  5. This looks like so much work, Heather...I hope you win!!


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