Saturday, April 16, 2011

Timber !!

We had a very large, very old, very HOLLOW old maple tree near the house cut down this week. It was interesting watching the process, learned a few things along the way, too. 

                                                   Before it came down

               Hollow limbs with new growth hanging over the roof - a hazard!
We have known for years it should come down, but never wanted to lose a tree and the shade it provided us as well as the homes it provided to so many animals. I am going to miss that tree.

What an interesting photo. It almost reminds me of a sleeveless dress on a dress form, feminine shape at this angle.

Timber ! Notice all of the "compost" falling out of the hollow

                                                                      It was hollow !!!!

The base was full of enough "compost" to fill a 55 gallon drum. I'll use it in the flower beds and to plant tomotoes in, too.

It took the tree trimmer all of one hour to level this 70+ year old monstrous Maple.

Tire iron buried deep within the tree....... you have to wonder how and when it got in there. The tree trimmer told us all sorts of stories about interesting things he has found inside of trees over the years.

A baby squirrel that survived. We were hoping the mommy would come back to get it but after two days it was still there hiding in the knot hole on the ground. We never touched it or interacted with it, didn't even start clean up for the the first two days hoping she'd come back for it. We were afraid a cat would get it so a neighbor took it in to care for it. It was so sweet, you could pet it and hold it if you wanted; it snuggled right up next to my cupped hand as if it was trying to get warm, awwwwwwwww! Unbelievable that it wasn't afraid of us.  

                                                    One of two lizards we saw crawl out.
There was also a nest of tree frogs we discovered in a small hollow limb. I carried it off to the hill and laid it near the base of another tree in hopes they'd make their way out, find a new home.

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