Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water Ski Show

A local ski club put on a little show the other day. It was sooooooo hot out, but I couldn't pass up watching them for a while since it was 5 minutes from my house. I sat in my car quite a distance away from them along the road and used my old point and shoot Fuji camera to try to get a few photos as well as video. Unfortunately most of the photos I did try to take did not turn out well . I shot more video than stills anyway.

This had been a pyramid, but by the time I switched back to camera mode from video mode hoping to get a shot, they all jumped into the water. This one shot I did get is kind of funny though - when I looked at it full size, I noticed the girl headed towards the water was holding her nose.

Three guys that made a couple of jumps.

I think this was the girl that had been doing maneuvers on her ski, moving a foot up to hold onto the rope with and things like that. However, it may have been the barefoot skier - they both wiped out, ouch!

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