Saturday, April 14, 2012


My last surviving pet, Kitty the soon to be 13 year old female cat, has started to become a little bit more of my buddy. She's always been sort of aloof, not really wanting to be a part of what is going on and demanding of my attention like Mulligan and Ringo were. She wants attention at times and likes to sleep in the bed with me on occasion, but she really wasn't my, or anyones, buddy.

I think because she is a big cat, she doesn't jump up in my lap or on my work table in the craft dungeon.

Ringo disappeared three months ago, leaving her as the single pet and getting more attention if she wanted it. That will change at some point when I find a new dog - it's been just over a year since Cassie has passed.

The past month Kitty's started to sleep on the floor of the basement when I am down there crafting sometimes. I think I need to make her a bed out of the way, see if I can convince her that is her spot when I am down there otherwise I will end up tripping over her ! The photo above shows one of her preferred spots right now, snuggled up next to my stamp storage dresser - right in my walking path.

Because she can't jump up into my lap as Mulligan and Ringo did when I was working on the computer, she has decided to take over an old desk chair. Yes, she has her very own chair sitting by the computer now. Sometimes she will lay on the floor near my feet, but most of the time she will curl up in the old chair - and sleep there most of the day on occasion ! Silly cat.

She also loves her daily sunbath =) 


  1. She is beautiful!! While I enjoy cats that want to be loved on, I have this level of respect for the nonsocial cats. To me they are the epitome of the cat mentality-love me on my terms... Plus, when they do decide to grace you with their presence, you feel so honored!!

  2. she's a dead ringer for my kitty names Dooby who is a large gray kitty with yellow eyes!


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