Friday, June 1, 2012

Flowers - June 1

Amazing how much the flowers have grown and bloomed while we were gone 8 days !
Time to finally get annuals for the pots on the porches. 

First red tomato, wow ! It is just above the ground so it went unseen.

Mums blooming ?!? I pinched them back twice already this season,
came home to them loaded with buds !

Edited to add this article I found about early blooming mums:

The daylilies (and weeds!) along the terrace have taken off.
This is half of the length, the half I removed weeds from before we left.
 I am hopeful that one day
the daylillies will choke out the weeds,
but it may take years to get to that day.

Huge hosta. Everything is bigger, blooming earlier
and much more full of buds than ever before.
The hydrangea bush just blows me away !
I've NEVER had this many blooms, lucky to have 
maybe a half dozen each year. Wow.

Yaay, hollyhocks =)
Chair patiently waiting for a basket full of annuals.
I held off on buying flowers for pots until after we got back from vacation.
 I knew we would be taking off for "vacation" somewhere and
didn't want several pots of flowers to wither and die in the extreme heat
we had here that week. It is downright cold today ! 

The hostas will bloom any day now,
a few are already opened up.
The hummingbirds will be happy =)

I am just amazed at how big everything is!
To the left of the photo are the cannas (big!)
and purple cone flower (huge!).
The mums are up front on the right.
I took out half of them earlier this spring and 
they are still super full. 

The red bud tree is loaded with pods ! 
I have never, ever seen so many -
the branches almost look furry from them .

I'm slowly making my way through trip photos (most are but a blur) and hope to post some soon. Nothing really exciting to share though.........................

No crafty projects to share yet.  I haven't gone to the basement other than to check cat food or toss in loads of laundry. Finding that snake down there before we left still has me creeped out.  That and finding a super large (hubby even admitted it was a big one!) spider in the sink the day we left just made me not want to come back home. Let me put it this way: I'm pretty blind if not wearing contacts/glasses. When I go to the sink to get a drink and see a spider in it, it has to be big! I calmly(?!) got the bug spray, did my best to give it a good squirt while hopping around, hoping the thing didn't jump out at me. It didn't make it out, but it did scramble about, making thumping noises on the stainless steel sink basin ! Yeah, it was a big one if it made thumping noises in the sink. I walked (ran!) away once I squirted it and heard the thumping, hoping enough bug spray got on it to do the job.  An hour later, when hubby was up and moving I warned him of the critter in the sink, he shrugged it off but was surprised to see that it was quite large, curled up dead.  So I am on high alert for another large spider in the kitchen. What is it about critters in the house this year ? Shiver.

By the way, I did not win the Pin and Win contest from Better Homes and Gardens so no moving from the creepy craft dungeon basement to the dream attic craft space for me.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. Your gardens are amazing! Thanks to the warm winter I think! I love your cannas - they are huge too. I think I need to get a hydrangea.
    love yours

  2. LOve all your flower pictures! What do you do about the blooming mums? I have some that survivied this year for the first time. I have been pinching them back but I guess I needed to do more. Mine are budding too! Now I don't have a clue what to do with them.

  3. Gorgeous landscaping! I'm hoping our plants will all still be alive when we get back home!
    Thinking good thoughts and hoping all of the critters will stay outside where they belong so you can get crafty again!


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