Monday, January 27, 2014

Eagle Watching

The above photos are some I took this past weekend
when we went out to look for eagles in the area.
I don't have a fancy camera with a long zoom, fast lens.
I think I managed to get a few decent photo
(almost all of these are cropped in)
despite the birds not being near us.

This photo is one I took several years ago
and although not the best
(it was zoomed way in with a digital point and shoot camera
using the digital zoom function)
I still like it. I entered it into a contest at the time.
It tickles me to see the eagles standing on ice
and the pelican slowly paddling by them,
headed upriver. He (she?) looks so out of place! 


  1. WOW what awesome photos. I think they are great!

  2. These are awesome! You take such fabulous photos!


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