Monday, May 24, 2010

Repurposed Chair

I like to try to reuse things rather than throw them away whenever I can. The webbing on this old chair started to unravel. It wasn't worth it to me to try to redo it. Oh, I like to try to repair things, learn new crafts and so on, but this really wasn't going to be worth it in the long run because the chair was also wobbly and didn't have a use inside the house any longer sooooooooooooo......... I painted it and widened out the webbing enough to drop in a potted plant ! I think it is kinda cute and colorful sitting on my front porch.

The "flower pot" in the seat was found in an old barn that was being sold for the wood; I still have a few pieces of wood to make something out of some day..........

To start with, I sanded quite a bit of the old white paint off of the wood. I then washed and dried it well. As it was drying, I stamped the roses and leaves with a retired Stampin' Up! stamp set, Cottage Rose, using acrylic craft paint on heavyweight white tissue paper. I carefully trimmed out the roses after they dried. I adhered the stamped tissue paper roses onto the chair with Modge Podge ( any clear drying white glue would surely work). I then used small crafters paintbrushes to hand paint the "plaid" with acrylic craft paint. The green I custom mixed out of some colors I already had on hand, I was trying to recreate the Kiwi Kiss color from Stampin' Up! Polka dots were easily created with white craft paint and the unused eraser end of a pencil. After everything was painted and decoupaged, I gave the chair a couple coats of sealant.

It does sit on a covered porch during the summer months only, somewhat protected from the elements so it still looks great two years after I made it.
The above chair is the first I made; it sits on a covered porch summer months only at my parents home. I made it basically the same way as the Bella Rose chair except I stamped/painted the flowers directly onto this chair with acrylic paint. I used a paintbrush and hand lettered Welcome.

I think this project was entered in a contest....

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Oh how I DO LOVE that chair! You also need to show the dresser you painted too. Afterall, thats how we became friends!


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