Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Angel Picket

I made this garden angel several years ago. She was originally an unfinished wood craft picket bought in the craft  supplies section of a large retailer. You could repurpose an old picket !

 I painted and crackled her with acrylic craft paints and crackling medium.

I stamped her with Stampin' Up! rubber stamps (DD Daisy, Mini Mates and Fun Faces all of which are retired) and acrylic craft paints.

A good coat of sealant to help protect her, bent wire for wings, mossy stuff I had in my craft stash for hair and I had a cute addition to my flower bed ! She originally had a little wreath in her "hands" in front of her, but it has long since fallen off and been lost.

Aha, I found a photo of her shortly after she was first made, holding the "wreath". but I noticed the wood "button" nose is missing already.

Thanks for looking =) 

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