Tuesday, June 8, 2010

macro flowers and Photoshop Elements filters

It's rainy out today so I decided to run a few photographs I took yesterday while working on the flower beds through my Photoshop Elements 7 program. I really need to learn all that this program can do and start using it, it is fantastic !

Close up the hydrangea followed by a hydranagea photo that I used the "Palette Knife" filter with "Canvas" texture on

Daylilly photo that has been "Watercolored" with a Photoshop Elements filter

I was told this flower is called a Summer Solstice. I used the interesting Neon Edges filter on this photo. The original full size photograph shows the pollen !

Lamb's ear, sooooo soft

The purple Columbine. I didn't see the tiny ant on this when I took the photograph.

I've been outside the past couple of days working on the flower beds ( weed beds !), taking advantage of the slightly cooler, less humid temperatures here. I do not have a green thumb nor do I have pretty, well organized flower beds - but they are far better and more numerous than what was here when I moved in 10 years ago. They are a hodge podge of plants that were given to me in a plant trade a few years ago plus a few I already had. I had mainly purple and pink flowers, a cottage garden, when the house still had the original 100+ year old painted siding on it. Now that it has been sided with tan vinyl, I want reds, oranges. I have a long way to go to redoing all of the flower beds, removing and buying new plants if I want to have a new color pallete in the flower gardens.

Do I really want to get rid of the gorgeous deep purple/white columbine or the multi hued hydrangea bush or the vibrant purple iris?
Thanks for looking !

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