Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paper Cast

I enjoyed making paper cast craft projects years ago. I think I ought to dig out my supplies and make another; they are easy and inexpensive to make (after the initial cost of the supplies)

About 10 years ago there was a floral shop going out of business in a nearby town. At the time I was the coordinator for the elementary school holiday bazaar, always on the lookout for bargains and cheap crafting supplies so I made the 30 minute drive hoping I could find some things to use. I found a couple of things that would work for the bazaar and several shelving units for the garage, but the best bargain was the paper casting supplies I bought for myself. I paid $50 (yikes!) for a box of molds, which at the time were very popular and would have been much more expensive if bought individually. I had so much fun using those molds to create things for the bazaar. I made dozens of framed pieces (one of which hangs on the stairwell wall going to my craft dungeon) and ornaments out of these paper cast molds.

Supplies: fabric (or decorative paper), picture frames, scrap cardboard, spray adhesive, acrylic craft paints, paper casting supplies.

I sandwiched the glass between the frame backing and the artwork in case the purchaser of the piece wanted to reuse the frame for something else. This is an open piece, no glass covering it since the artwork is three dimensional.

Cut the scrap cardboard to fit the frame and apply spray adhesive. Cut the fabric or scrapbook paper to fit and adhere.

Following paper cast instructions, make your art work. Once dry, paint and embellish as you'd like.

Attach the paper cast artwork to the fabric/decorative paper with your favorite adhesive (I used hot glue) then insert into the frame.

Thanks for looking !

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