Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Butterflies and Bumblebees

and a dragonfly, too !

I don't have any knowledge of photography other than to point the camera at my subject and press a button. Sometimes I manage to get a great photo, most times I am frustrated with the results. I have been using a Fuji S700 "faux dslr" camera the past few years and been pleased for the most part with the photos I've taken. Then last December I decided to step up to a DSLR camera. I really wanted a rapid fire feature and had hoped to be able to get better photographs at the many indoor events I knew were coming up this school year. I did a little research then found a great deal on a camera kit so I jumped on it: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc to me ! I quickly found out that I did not do nearly enough research - I had no idea there was so much thinking and fiddling with settings when using a DSLR camera, not to mention post photo work, to create a fantastic photograph ! Using a bigger fancier camera doesn't mean I'll automatically get better pictures, but using the preprogrammed settings does help a little =) Sometimes I am really happy at the photo that comes straight from the camera, no editing required and here are a few of those I took in my flower garden the other day using my Nikon D5000 set on Auto mode with the AFS 55-200 Nikkor lens. The only editing done, cropping on the dragonfly and single bumblebee photos, adding my name to them all. If you click on the photos to enlarge them, you will see more detail. Still not fabulous photos but pretty cool to see the detail the camera/lens picked up.
Thanks for looking !

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