Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pet Pictures and My Digital Studio

I spent a couple of hours going through digital photographs yesterday, preparing to back them up - and pick out a few to do some digital scrapbooking with using My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! I whipped up this single page using one of the predesigned pages, super easy.

While working on the photographs, I munched on a few Dove Milk Chocolates. They are my favorite chocolates, not only because they are so yummy but because they have nice sayings printed inside the wrappers, such as:

"Be the silver lining in another's cloud."

Also, I finally put the instructions up for the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project I posted in June.

Here are a few pet photos to share:

Cassie drying off after a swim in the creek. She absolutely hates getting baths, shakes and cringes and tries to run off if she thinks she is getting a bath, but she loves to swim in the creek water, blech !

Kitty, now known as Fat Cat =) She only comes outside when I do and hangs around me as I am working in the yard.

Mulligan had been outside supervising my weeding of the flower beds early one morning when he spied a bird.

Ringo has this quirk: he wants to walk on things rather than the grass whenever he has the opportunity. In this photograph he was trying to balance on the garden hose while walking towards me when I was watering the tomato plants one evening. Once he arrived he stood on my feet, as usual. Anytime we are outside, if I am in the grass and he comes over for a visit he insists on standing on my feet. Too funny!

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Heather, I love the photos!! Glad to see I am not the ONLY one with a FAT CAT!


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