Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Repurposed Mini Video Cassette Case

Whew, has it been hot and humid and stormy these past few days!!!
Power outages and intense lightning during the storms have kept me away from the computer. I spent a bit of time in the craft dungeon staying cool and reorganizing (not crafting).

Check out the two scaredy cats, Mulligan and Ringo, hanging out down there with me during a storm the other night:

The bit of blue behind Ringo is my flashlight that I kept nearby all evening!

On to the project: this idea came to me when my sister told me about her young children playing with the many gift cards they had received - but not yet used! - and were misplaced. I don't know how I came up with this idea, sometimes I think of things all on my own and I am proud of them, this was one of those ideas.

And why did I have an empty mini cassette case laying around to use for this project ? Maybe my kids played with the video cassette that belonged in it and it was misplaced, perhaps I kept the empty case hoping one day the video would show back up. I'm not sure, but that empty case had been sitting in my desk drawer for some time so I had an "A-ha!" moment and took off with it to experiment.

I ran down to the craft dungeon to find an old gift card of mine, I have several down there. Yes, I save them, they can be reused for crafty projects - or most gift cards can be refilled and then passed on to someone else !

Anyway, the gift card fit perfectly in the empty case. I lined the inside with card stock then stamped an image for the front to coordinate with the colors in her kitchen finished with a magnet adhered to the back. TIP: save those advertising magnets you may receive, they can be useful for many craft projects.

When she was presented it at Christmas she didn't know what to make of it (I don't know that anyone would have!). After I explained it, she thought it was pretty neat: it is a magnetic gift card holder to stick up high on the refrigerator. The idea was it would be in sight all the time so she could keep track of the gift cards - and be out of the children's reach !

Thanks for looking !

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