Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Plastic Box Transformations

I've saved and reused all sorts of containers over the years, cheap starting points for items to donate to the elementary school holiday bazaar. I don't have many photographs of the things I've created since I didn't have a digital camera or think about photographing the projects for future reference. I remember most of the things I made, but in this digital age of the world wide web, it would have been fun to share more of those old projects.

Below are a few projects I do have photographed.

Clear plastic packaging, from around ribbon rolls for example, can easily be made into a cute little box. The packaging on the ribbon rolls I bought did not have plastic ends, they were just a "sleeve' of plastic, so I made my own ends out of card stock. I would trace around the square end of the box then add however much I wanted the sides to come up, an inch for example. So if the end of the container was 2" square, I would make a 4" square, scoring in 1" from each side. NOTE: make a sample from scrap paper first to make sure the pattern fits. Usually I needed to alter it slightly by 1/16" or so on each side to allow for the score lines. These cute little boxes can also be made from scratch using acetate sheets for the sides. Here is a link to a tutorial :

Chocolates wrapped in red tissue paper that I stamped to match. All stamps, card stock, ink, punches and organdy ribbon are from Stampin' Up!

This box held a jingle bell snowman ornament that I made.

Recently I bought new shower curtain hooks so I saved the two containers to do something with. I whipped up this sample, have yet to use the other.

The flower was punched with the large fancy flower punch from Stampin' Up! (actually all of the supplies used, except the paper ribbon and box, were from Stampin' up!). I tried to recreate the cosmos flower from the seed packets inside the box with the punch.

Originally held cotton swabs. The sticky label on the top was impossible to remove so I just covered it up with stamped card stock (Soft Swirls from Stampin' Up!) and attached a gift card to the inside of the lid. I should have stamped address labels or scraps of coordinating paper to wrap around the candies to make them look nicer...........
Originally held cotton balls and cotton swabs; I bought candy after Halloween for half price to put in it, wrapped it with fabric and raffia scraps, added a stamped "tag", donated to the school bazaar. Riveting from Stampin' Up!

Many times dollar store items are packaged in clear plastic containers that can be reused. I've reused "pillow boxes", small square flip lid boxes, round pop top containers, small plastic zip top pouches and more. Nearly every single plastic box has a sticker on it that needs lots of patience and goo gone to remove if you want to reuse the box - or cover it up with card stock, decorative paper, etc !

If you do not have small plastic containers to reuse, acetate sheets (overhead transparency or "window sheets" from Stampin' Up!) can but cut with a die cut machine or by hand to make boxes from scratch. Be sure to use super sticky tape to hold it together !

Also, plastic packaging (such as the large front to a box of stationery) can be cut with a die cut machine to make clear snowflakes, flowers, tags, etc, just be sure to flatten it out first by cutting off any edges.

Thanks for looking !

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