Monday, August 23, 2010

CD/DVD Envelope / Mini Scrapbook

Outside front of finished project

Several years ago I received junk mail that contained a CD. I had no use for it so I planned on recycling the mailer and CD, but then I had an idea...............
I wondered how big it was opened up, could I make my own like that.

Sure enough, I was able to tweak it a tiny bit to make my own version of this mailer out of one piece of 12x12 card stock ! I liked how the project turned out so well that I entered it in a Stampin' up! contest; it did not win.

It is a bit involved and can be somewhat confusing since there are several folds, cuts and flips. What's neat about this folder is that you can make it a sort of mini scrapbook too if you wish by adding photos and other embellishments. Or print out a listing of what is on the CD/DVD then attach it to one of the flaps.

I'd recommend completing the basic folder portion, except for gluing the seam, before you do any stamping or decorating to be sure you are working on the correct sides, facing the proper direction. You may wish to use sticky notes to mark each portion once you have all of your cuts and folds marked so that way you will know as it is laying flat on your work surface which way is "up" and which portions to decorate.

There are two outside areas to decorate if you wish as well as four inside. With all of the fantastic double sided designer papers available today, it would be easier to make one of these, no stamping required.

Score from the left edge of your 12" x 12" card stock at 5 1/2" and again at 11". Do the same from the top edge down. These score lines will be your guides for cutting and folding.

The curved area where the CD/DVD is inserted is optional. If you don't have a circle or oval cutter, trace around a can, plastic container, etc then cut out with a pair of scissors.

Ribbon can be simply wrapped around and tied in a bow or if you wish to have it permanently attached, glue the ends into the "spine" of the envelope when you are sealing it together. You can also attach an eyelet in the little front flap to run ribbon through. Another idea, attach a brad to the front and another brad to the flap then wrap string around them to close them like one of those office supply envelopes.

Below are a few photographs to help show the project. Unfortunately I tried to make diagrams and realized they were backwards ! I posted this project with instructions and a diagram to in 2004 - and was surprised that I could still find them there !


Inside of
CD/DVD envelope
Decorate each of these four areas however you'd like, add photos or a menu of what is on the disc, etc.

The numbers on the above photographs correspond to the numbers on the photograph below. This is to try to help illustrate how the top portion is "flipped" so you need to be sure your images are stamped upside down to be right side up once assembled.

                                                            Inside of the envelope


                                                Outside of the envelope

The flap that is glued to the opposite portion to create the envelope isn't showing well in the finished project photo since it is already folded over.

All stamps, ink and card stock used on the above project were from Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking !


  1. Heather,

    Very nice. I will have to try this project some time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's fun to revamp an idea from the past. When you redesign, it looks brand new. Cute project and great gift giving idea. Thanks!


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