Monday, August 9, 2010

Drag Race Photos

I took my camera to the drag races Saturday night but was unable to take many decent photographs for various reasons - mainly people getting in the way ! I really need to take the time to play with my camera more to learn how it works; I also need to learn how to really use my Photoshop Elements program. I recently subscribed to a magazine/website for users and am WOWed by all that I have seen so far this program is capable of.

This is probably my best shot

 "posterized" in Photoshop Elements.

This might have been a decent shot of a classic Ford vs. Chevrolet race, both cars pulling their front wheels . . . . .

 1/8th mile just under 4 seconds at slightly over 206 MPH !

Monster truck Bigfoot running the 1/8th mile

Jet car

Thanks for looking !

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