Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Memory Of Mulligan

It's been a sad, sad weekend here, my buddy Mulligan cat passed away unexpectedly.

I do not know the exact cause since he had been fine, showed no signs of illness, until I applied Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Drops. He started seeming out of sorts the evening I applied them and was gone within 36 hours.

There were no external signs of trauma.

I was absolutely shocked, just could not believe it. I still am...........

I was curious about the flea drops (a brand I had not bought before) so I looked online and was horrified to see so many references to products by Hartz being injurious, even deadly, to pets !

I'll never know for sure if that is what caused his untimely death, I am sick with guilt thinking it could even be possible that I caused it by applying something I assumed was safe.

I want to let other people know what I only just found out about these EPA approved pesticides and the harm they can cause to your beloved pets in hopes of saving the life of another. Please see the web sites below:
YouTube - Dangerous Pet Products?

You can do a search and find more web sites regarding this.

Should you use these products, be certain to follow the guidelines and read the disclaimers thoroughly. I've read, now that it is too late, that if you use these products and notice any reactions, bathe the animal in Dawn dish detergent with lots of clean water and contact your veterinarian immediately.

I am missing him terribly right now as he would normally be sitting in my lap as I work on the computer, proofreading for me.....sniffle. And today throughout the day I couldn't help but look for him to give him a head scratch as I walked by his favorite table to nap on. I also missed his MEOW! to let me know the food bowls were nearly empty this evening. He didn't like it when they were half empty and he let me know it . Sigh.....................

3 months old
He was a rescue cat. I adopted him from a litter that a stray in the neighborhood had. I also found homes for the remaining kittens.

He was named Mulligan after the cat in a childrens book we had,

Hanging out in the craft dungeon, he loved to go down there with me and try to "help" - or was it get in my way so he'd get more attention ?
He would go to my craft room window and sit in the sill peering in at me to let me know he wanted inside. He also liked to climb up on the bookcase in front of the window inside to look outside - not that he could see much through the Gallery Glass painted windows.

Like most cats he would find strange places to sleep, always on the lookout for empty baskets, boxes or in this case a stack of empty picture frames sitting on my craft table!

                       "Hey, what's that ? Ohhhh, you have a new camera !"

We were both checking out my new birthday/Christmas gift to myself last year.

Rest In Peace, dear Mulligan cat.


  1. Heather I'm so sorry for your loss. I had no idea about the flea drops. That is tragic for you and your family. I lost my beloved cat of 23 years last summer. I still miss him very much. I sometimes wonder if we loose our pets because there is another in need of a good home. Two weeks after my Tigger-boy died, I was going crazy not having him around. My husband and I got a little puppy - Mr. Darcy - and he filled the void and brought so much happiness into our lives. Maybe there is another kitten/cat/puppy or animal of some sort that needs you right now. Take care

  2. Me heart breaks for you...
    I know your pain.
    HUGS M

  3. Hello,

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear cat! Such a traumatic and unexpected sorrow - you must miss him every day. Hopefully your message may warn another pet owner!

    Mulligan was a beautiful cat - you have so many wonderful photos and memories of him.

    Wishing you well.


    Barbara Diane


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