Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kitchen Floor Tile - done !

Today I spent hours removing the "haze" off of the tiles. The job is done, just waiting for the grout to cure so I can seal it then start putting the trim back up the nput the rest of the kithcen back together - until the new counter arrives.

I have some scraps to experiment with, come up with a crafty project of some sort.

Ringo doesn't mind the new tile floor at all. He was supervising me cleaning the haze off of the tile from the grout. He was also hoping I'd remove the cold air return vent cover again; he likes to crawl down in there. I didn't even think about a cat trying to crawl into it until I heard an odd noise and realized it was a cat in the vent !

Cassie on the other hand does NOT like the new tile and won't come in on it, she just lays in the entry to the door watching me. I think it may be somewhat like fingernails on a chalkboard to her, as her toenails click/scratch on the tile ?

No one else likes the tile, either and misses the linoleum. Oh well, we are stuck with it now !

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