Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The kitchen is coming along.................

I called the lumber company on Monday to see what the status was on my counter top - it had been nearly a month since I ordered it! Surprise, surprise - it was already in the and nobody bothered to call - grrrr!

So we scrambled Monday to disassemble the current counter, etc then worked all day Tuesday on installing the new one. It looks nice, but I don't like that it shows every little light colored piece of stuff on it !

I also wasn't happy that we had to replace the stainless steel sink, a huge unexpected expense (because of course if I am going to replace it, why put in a cheaper thin sink ?!??). Two trips into town to two different hardware stores for the right sink all supplies, what a long day.............. but in the end it does look nice.

The pictures, as usual, do not look quite right:

Wilsonart HD laminate in River Gemstone
It looks like there is a little bit of blue in it.
The photo also doesn't show the texture on this laminate;
it is supposed to be more "realistic" looking to real granite.

I really liked my Very Berry faux finished walls with the seafoam fabric seat cushions and valances that I made to coordinate with the existing counters and flooring. They just don't work as well with all of the browns now. I think I am going to choose a blue this time. I may just paint it normally, no faux techniques - but add a subtle stencil design to it. Not sure yet............. it's only been a few hours since it has been installed, but I know I will be repainting as well as replacing the curtains, stools. Maybe I better find fabric first, then choose the paint ! Road trip time to a fabric store since there are none around here.

Thanks for looking !


  1. A suggestion from experience - find the fabric first! Paint you can always match. :<)


    Barbara Diane

  2. How exciting for a new counter top - I can only dream!


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