Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kitchen Remodel - back story

I have a 100+ year old farm house, four square style. It survived the Flood of 1993 after being under water (approximately three feet on the main level, basement totally under) for a month. The previous owners started to remodel, the kitchen color scheme is all their work.

The "seafoam" counter, linoleum floor and fruit wallpaper were already in the house when I moved in. There were simple, plain, lightweight cream colored curtains on the windows. Although it would not have been my first color choice for a counter and flooring, I got used to it.

I stenciled the curtains, first time to try that craft. The colors were not quite right, but I lived with them.  I also made the swag hanging above the window.

The first set of counter stools I bought had woven seats and soon fell apart. I came across another set at a yard sale for $5 ! They were originally black with black plaid fabric covering the seat cushions. Several hours of sanding, painting and sealing then searching for fabric that I could recover the seats with and I ended up with a nice set of counter stools. They've held up well the past few years, but are in need of being replaced.

Two years ago I finally got around to stripping the wallpaper and painting. I chose a Very Berry color (I'm the only one that likes it!) . I mixed it with a glazing medium then roughly patted on two coats of the paint mixture with a Woolie, giving the walls a mottled appearance.


Once the walls were repainted, I raided my fabric scraps and found just enough, literally about 1" leftover, of the fabric from recovering the stools the make a faux valance for each window. No patterns, just cut and seamed. These were attached to old sheets that had been left in the house as window coverings in another room. Yeah, I'm cheap. I couldn't find any curtains locally to match. I also searched the small fabric selection at a local store to try to find something, no luck. I won't buy fabric, etc online. So I kept using my homemade window coverings.

The new color worked well with my Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dinnerware (and ceiling fan, canisters, etc). Once the floor and counter are in, if I decide to repaint I may need a new set of dinnerware and ceiling fan !

So, I am now slowly having the flooring replaced with tile (much darker than the sample I bought, but there is nothing I can do) with a new formica counter coming in three weeks. In the mean time I will be looking for new stools, window coverings and possibly a new paint color for the walls !

I KNOW once it is all done, I will miss the seafoam and white kitchen, how bright it was BUT I also know that redoing it will help with resale value. I don't know that many people would live with sea foam and white as I have.

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Hello!

    I think that the sea foam and white was lovely, but your new Berry color has so much more warmth! The new floor tiles are beautiful - this may inspire you to yet again change the color of your walls! :<) Good luck with your search for new stools and window coverings! I look forward to seeing you next photos!

    Wishing you a happy day!

    Barbara Diane


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