Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pets, the craft dungeon and missing my buddy

Mulligan sleeping in the sunshine early one morning when I went to work in the craft dungeon. He would find the craziest places/positions to sleep sometimes - almost always right in the middle of what I was working on - or reading. Every single time I opened up a newspaper, if he was within ear shot, he'd come running and plop himself down on top of the paper !

Mulligan looking out the craft dungeon window. He was the only cat that did this at times. I don't think he could see much since I painted the windows with Gallery Glass, giving them a sort of frosted look to try to obscure the view inside somewhat. But you know how cats are curious and this was someplace new to sit, look outside.

Mulligan peering in the craft dungeon window at me. He did this all the time, either saying "Hey, let me in NOW!" or as I liked to think, just checking in on me to say "Hi".

Kitty has never done this, I've only seen Ringo do it once in this particular window.

It felt weird stamping a card the other day and not having Mulligan buddy "help" - or would that be distract me by being determined to make me stop what I was doing so I would pet him? And getting cat hairs on my projects. He would snag me nearly every time I walked by him, "Hey, I'm down here, scratch behind my ears..." It's the first time I've worked on anything in quite some time as it is, but harder right now knowing my buddy won't be down there napping on my table or peering in at me from outside. Then to have thunderstorms Friday night, just like last Friday night the 13th, his last night here with me..... sniffle......

Anyhow, I have two other cats and a dog. They each are my buddy in their own way, on their own terms.

Cassie dog used to come down to the craft dungeon with me every time I'd go down there. In part just to be where I was, but also I think because she liked the cold cement basement floor. As she's gotten older it's become more difficult for her to make it down the stairs so she doesn't come down there with me any more. I do miss her hanging out, but I don't miss tripping over her if she's moved and I didn't know it. Sometimes she'll lay at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come back up. Kind of funny, many times she'll park herself at the top of the stairs even if I just run down to swap out a load of laundry.

Occasionally Kitty, the 11 year old cat, and Ringo, the 4 year old cat, will come down to the basement. In fact, one of the last photographs I have of Mulligan was taken a few weeks ago when both he and Ringo followed me downstairs during a storm. I couldn't believe that the two of them sat so closely. It's not that they didn't get along, they just weren't real cozy with each other. They did like to wrestle together at times, just like human brothers would.

Kitty normally just wanders around the basement being curious if she goes down there, as she has this past week while I've been decluttering the back half. She doesn't get up on my table. She has taken to sleeping on the floor right next to the computer desk, odd for her.

Ringo on the other hand peered at me through the window the other night then came down to hang out with me while I was making that card. He demanded attention, then took a little nap on the table. I am not sure if he is missing Mulligan, was maybe looking for him, waiting for him to show up or if he is moving into Mulligan's spot. Ringo has always been a loverboy, just the sweetest cat when he comes inside (he prefers to be outdoors mousing or napping in the barn). He even loves on Cassie dog, which she does not like and will move away from him when he tries to rub up on her.

I'm happy I still have other pets and that I made it to the craft dungeon to make something, but it still hurts.

Thanks for reading !


  1. My heart still aches for you. Be sure to give some extra love to the others as they miss Mulligan too.

  2. Hello again,

    You have such beautiful pets! They cannot replace Mulligan, but their love will help to fill the void.

    I really miss not being able to have a pet now due to a very small apartment and limited budget. I dog sit and cat sit for a few friends and get my quota of love each time. :<) But I miss having a dog of my own.

    You take care and just keep loving Kitty, Ringo and that Cassie dog! Give them hugs for me! :<)

    Barbara Diane

  3. Thank you Margy and Barbara Diane.


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