Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tea Bag Folding

There was recently a blurb in a local paper with the headline " Craft Club to Make Tea Bag Folded Christmas Cards"    Hmmmmmm........... whatever could that be ? Luckily there was a contact number given so I called to find out more. Today was the Craft Club meeting.

I found out it is a part of the HEA organization, something that has been in the county for decades. There were hundreds of women, 400+ at one time, that belonged years ago now there are only 11. Kind of sad, really. Times change.......

It was an interesting experience, I am used to being the teacher and designer !

Here are the two cards that we made, they cost us $1 each to make.

I altered my project from hers slightly:
she had the Merry Christmas cut out with deckle edge scissors then glued directly below the medallion. There was a 1/8" wide x 6" long piec of white ribbon to tie into a bow and glue onto the upper left (looking at the card) corner. I chose to cut my tag into a little "flag" and stick it on with the brad, omitted the ribbon altogether.

I think it would be pretty done in blues and glitter, sort of like a snowflake look.
I also think it would neat to make two of them, glue them back to back and attach ribbon to make an ornament ! Then there is the idea that I thought of..........
yes, it sparked a few creative ideas seeing this project =)

This card she created with My Digital Studio (although she never came out and said it, I believe she was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator) from Stampin' Up!. We added three butterfly punch outs that she already had made for us. I was going to add my leftover ribbon fom the first project to this one and maybe some glitter on the butterflies..........

Thanks for looking !


  1. I've seen that tea bag folding and think maybe SCS also has a tutorial but not sure. It is pretty, and the card is very cool!! How fun to go to a class and learn something new!!

  2. Heather,

    Both of these cards are so pretty! I like how you did the flower on the first card and the butterflies on the second card look elegant.

  3. Two beautiful cards. I'm going over to the Resource page on SCS for the how to on tea bag folding. TFS


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