Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creative Packaging - go green !

I like to use hand towels to wrap small items, then the recipient has two gifts !  Pillow cases, fabric napkins, place mats, etc  work well, too. I used a rubber band to hold the towel in place then attached the gold ribbon - than came on the towels when I bought them!

This is a large utility towel that I doubled up and made a simple envelope out of. It is closed with a snowflake brooch that I made.

These are old hankies, folded to the perfect size to give hand stamped cards in and closed with a pretty wire edge ribbon or a hand made rosette brooch.

Stash a gift card or nail polish in a new pair of gloves or mittens. Similar idea using super cozy socks or slippers instead !

Reuse cookie and candy tins. The paper twist ribbon can be reused on another project.

 This is a nice wooden box that a car care kit came in originally. This box contained blank discs with cases so the recipient could record their photos and home movies onto the discs then store them in the box.

Use paper mache boxes for gift giving. A crafty person would really appreciate this since she (or he) can create something out of the boxes afterwards !

Of course reusable paper gift bags are always popular. How about making one out of fabric that can be taken shopping for bringing home purchases ? Use an old pair of jeans to make a simple tote bag! Different sizes and styles of blue jeans are going to give you different tote bag shapes/sizes. Cut off the legs, straight across through the crotch. Turn inside out and sew a seam to create the bottom. Make simple straps from the fabric of the legs (use the side seams if you'd like), old belts or webbed strap material that you may have leftover from another tote bag. You can add a fabric lining, too, but this takes a little more sewing know how. Embellish the outside of the blue jeans tote bag if you'd like.

Any number of containers that once held food or other items, so long as it is washed out well and safe for reuse, can be used for gift giving. This particular container held shower curtain hooks originally. The ribbon is from another gift received - I never throw away ribbon !

These are just a few ideas of gift baskets that don't require wrapping:

Maybe you know a child that needs a new backpack - fill it with art and craft supplies, puzzles books. Perhaps you have a special little one that spends weekends with family members/friends frequently. Pack a tote bag or suitcase with new pajamas and slippers, maybe a special new cuddly toy or story book to be read to them at bed time.

Large bowl with popcorn, soda, candy and movie rental coupon.

Pack a plastic bucket with car cleaning supplies.

Laundry supplies in a laundry basket would be great for the recently moved out young adult.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays !

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  1. Great ideas for gift wrapping presents with something useful. Which reminds me, every year I go to the post-Christmas sales just to buy teatowels - they are very cheap and good quality. I must buy some extras for wrapping as well.


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