Thursday, December 16, 2010

Embellished Candles - and a poem for teachers

There are thousands of ideas for embellishing simple candles and with so many crafty supplies available, it is easy to personalize candles. Jar type, pillar type, tea lights, even battery operated tea lights - you can find a fantastic idea for decorating any type of candle. is just one of many web sites with an abundance of ideas as well as tutorials.

I have made many different types of decorated candles over the years, but there are no photographs that I have found other than the one below (many times I didn't photograph my projects). Anything from "stamped candles" which were always a WOW! demonstration to simply decorating a jar type candle with rub ons. One of my favorite things to make were removable seasonal "sleeves" for jar type candles. Make one for each season, slide them on and off throughout the year.  Give a yummy smelling candle, candle warmer and a set of sleeves as a gift.

Even children can make decorated candle sleeves using fun foam cutouts, stickers and more !

I found these mini mason jar candles several years ago for $1 each - and they smelled really good, too ! I made a couple dozen, each one was stamped differently. Fun, fairly easy and cheap. I printed this poem on the inside of those I made for the teachers:

A candle is like a teacher

Who first provides the spark

That kindles love of learning

In children's minds and hearts.

Like a burning candle,

Teachers light the mind

Enriching the lives and futures

By the sharing of their time.

So when you light this candle,

May its glow convey to you

Warm appreciation

For all the things you do.

(I'm sorry that I do not know who to give credit to for the above beautiful poem; it is something I came across years ago with no name given at that time)

I printed this inside the cards I stamped with merry&bright:

May your days be happy,

your heart be light,

your Christmas merry,

and the New Year bright !

(the above was found in a Papercrafts magazine)

Thanks for looking; comments are always appreciated =)
Happy Holidays !

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