Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memories of Ornaments I Made As A Child

I've parted with several of the handmade ornaments I made as a child over the years, never even thought to take pictures of them.  The few I will post here are what I have left - and sadly, I think they are ready to be discarded, too (sniffle !).

How many of your remember making ornaments out of small empty tin cans, the size of tuna or cat food ? I do !!! Mom still has that one with the tiny plastic deer in it. I recall digging through the magazine pictures and old holiday cards we had to choose from to try to find just the right background picture for my deer to lay in front of.

I also remember my sister and I picking out a special ornament each year at a local store with my parents. Most of them are still at mom and dads house, but I did bring this one with me when I moved away from home. It was one of my all time favorites since I was always a horse lover.

The first plaster ornament that I ever painted. It was not the proper paint for painting on plaster and it was not sealed, it rubs off easily.

Isn't it funny how you can remember certain things so clearly and yet forget more important details from your life ?  This is one of thsoe things: the teacher had a tree with different wooden ornaments on it in the classroom. Our last day of school before break we had a class party. One of the activities was a game (I'm not sure, I think she just drew names out of a bag ?) where we each got to choose the ornament that we wanted off of the tree. I had my eye on this deer the entire month it was in the classroom. It looked the most "realistic" out of the other wooden things, plus I was (am!) an animal lover, I just had to get that deer............ my turn finally came around and it was still there =)

This was a plastic drinking cup turned upside down.

This poor little angel has fallen apart so much. I am not even sure what the wings were originally made of , they are long gone. It is some sort of metal mesh for the body. I remember some of the kids getting pricked by it !

This was a foam ball that we used straight pins to stick on sequins and rick rack. I remember that I wanted all of the sequins to be perfectly spaced.

A clear plastic ball that opens at the center. We got to choose an image to cut out to glue inside (once again, I had to have the perfect image suitable for the project, centered just so). We stuck our photograph on the back  - I'm not posting that side ! We used double stick tape around the seam on the outside and adhered gold rick rack

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays !

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  1. Thank you for sharing your memories of Christmas Decorations Past. I'm glad yu got your prize deer. I like his blue spottiness. :)


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