Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old Glass and Foam Ball Ornaments - reuse them !

Don't throw away old glass ball or foam ball ornaments ! You can make them into new ornaments or decorations with a few basic craft supplies and techniques. These are a few tha I havecreated over the years - but the ideas for reusing / redecorating glass ball and foam ball ornaments is endless !

Paint, fabric, doilies, lace, ribbons, fabric trims, fabric/ribbon roses, scrapbook papers, die cuts and punched pieces of paper, stickers, glitter, sticky jewels, beads, wire, strands of craft pearls, air dry clay, creative use of paper, images from magazines, decoupage glue, greenery, dried florals and naturals, even old game pieces/miniature toys and oh so much more can be used to bring new life to old ornaments ! The ideas are endless. Even the glass type that are painted but now have scratches and cracks in the paint can be reused rather than thrown away. Look through books and magazines at your local library or search online for thousands of ideas to decorate plain old ornaments into stunning new decorations for the tree or home decor. 

The red ornament above was so easy to make using printer paper, two snowflake punches (Martha Stewart), Modge Podge, a small paintbrush and ribbon. Punch out your desired shapes (or use a die cut machine). Brush a light coat of Modge Podge to the back then stick on place on the ornament. Tie on ribbon for a super easy , updated ornament. Take it a step further by adding sticky jewels, pearls,  glitter.

Same paper punch as the red ornament only I punched silver card stock then just glued the center of the snowflake to the ornament, added a few "rhinestones"

White acrylic craft paint brushed on with wide, quick strokes. Sprinkle glitter on while the paint is still wet. Once completely dry, brush off excess glitter and tie on a pretty ribbon.

If a painted glass ball ornament looks too bad with scratched and cracked paint, don't throw it away. It can be repainted with spray paint, decoupaged or covered with fabric. The paint can even be removed if you want to deal with the mess ! Some household cleaners are strong enough to remove the paint from some painted ornaments.  I found that bleach works best on the ornaments I wanted to remove paint from (very smelly and messy so do this outdoors and wear gloves, old clothing). Normally I wouldn't waste my time removing the old paint, I would do another technique to cover it up.

Wrapped with a circle of fabric, this works great with styrofoam balls.

Wrapped with a tatted doily

Frosted glass ornament that had several scratches on it so I painted it with "Jack Frost" window spray then sealed it.

Trim from my sewing stash wrapped around the middle, adhered with a strong double stick tape. The little pearls were created with pearlescent fabric glue.

Stamped with Versamark ink and a retired rubber stamp image from Stampin' Up! on one side then I hand wrote the year on the other side with a Versamarker. I then heat embossed with gold embossing powder; be very careful if you choose to try this !

This is a pine cone made from paper and an old styrofoam ornament. You can find hundreds of references to this project online and in craft books. I remember seeing this type of project, and quilted styrofoam ball ornaments, many years ago in craft magazines and books.



 I used straight pins to attach fabric yo yos to an old styrofoam ball ornament above. You could use straight pins or low temp hot glue to stick all sorts of fun things to styrofoam !

Attach to wreaths, display in clear glass containers as centerpieces, hang from light fixtures and many more great ideas for decorating around the home with simple glass ball ornaments can be found in books, magazines and online.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays !

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  1. WOW!!! These are amazing! Each and every one of them is a sheer work of art. How creative and fascinating. They are just beautiful. You are so talented.


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