Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Food Jar - Snowman Gel Air Freshener

I made dozens of these over the years, different designs.
This particular one I kept for myself.
They were very easy to make.

CLEAN empty baby food jars were the perfect size to make
small gel air fresheners that I donated to the school holiday bazaar.

I don't recall the exact ingredients I used,
 but I do remember that they used
plain old gelatin, such as Knox.
I found the recipe in an old Crafts magazine many years ago.

Paint your jar if desired.
I used outdoor acrylic craft paints then heat set.

You could also wrap the jar with decorative papers and such.

Color the gelatin and leave the jar clear,
 wrap a pretty ribbon around it.

There are lots of fun ways you can decorate,
personalize these easy gel air freshener jars.

Aha, I did a quick online search and came up with several hits !!!

There are a  couple of recipes here:

This blog post has step by step photos:

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