Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The photos do not show the true beauty:
there was a fine snow (I believe the weather man called it "virga") falling while it was sunny,
 looked like glitter floating in the air.

The trees looked like they had glitter on them.

Icicles on the icicle holiday lights 

 I caught a water drop falling off of the icicle.

There were so many snow days, sleet days and ice days this past winter. February was an especially snowy, bitterly cold month. I don't mind the snow, in fact I enjoy it. Of course I don't need to get out in it. I can stay home and enjoy the beauty of it, walking about outdoors with Cassie dog and giggling at Ringo cat navigating the cold white stuff. I LOVED playing out in the snow as long as possible when I was a kid.
Our area prepared for the worst, expecting to be hit with a winter storm unlike anything we'd seen for a long time. The weather men were predicting an inch of ice, several inches of sleet topped off with 15"+ of snow ! Needless to say we were not going to take any chances. I made numerous trips to different stores over the weekend making sure we had all that we needed (including picking up a cold bug that was not on my list, great).
The final trip at 9 PM on Sunday night was an experience: the store shelves were empty, and some things that I wouldn't have expected to be sold out were ! It was still a very busy place at that time of night, too. I suppose many people put off shopping, hoping that the forecast would change.
Tuesday came, lots and lots of rain, some sleet mixed in at times. Nothing too serious, nothing like they feared we would see was hitting our immediate area yet.
Wednesday morning rolled around, the power was still on, house was still warm. I opened the curtains hoping to see DEEP snow  - instead I was amazed that there wasn't much more than 6" total , 3" of which was sleet and 1/4" of ice. Our area was very fortunate. 

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