Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Digital Studio - Bowling Pins and Ball

Instructions on how I made my digital bowling scrapbook pages with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!

To create the planks:
I started with a 12 x 12 background. I added the square punch then stretched it out to create the plank shape, filled with Kraft (reduced the opacity a bit). I added a Soft Suede drop shadow, reduced opacity, and centered on the image. I copied and pasted it a dozen or so times. I really like a look I was getting with this while playing around, it reminded me of beadboard - I have another project in mind now.

The bowling ball is the easiest:
Circle punch, adjust to the size you want and fill with black, add a drop shadow. Add three circle punches, but make them really tiny. Fill with black and add a Going Gray drop shadow before resizing. They are difficult to grab and move when this tiny, the easiest way is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The bowling pins took quite a while to figure out what punches to use; this was the best I was able to come up with:

Oval punch, two heart punches, a circle punch all of them white for the pin then two more ovals for the stripe, one red and one white. Each punch will need to be adjusted in size to get the look you want. Drop shadow on the circle and base oval only. You will need to fiddle with the shadows a bit.

To get the flat bottom, I simply went off the page with the pin a bit rather than try to cover it up with another punch. Normally I would have tried to "erase" the part I didn't want with a punch made of the same background color, but it wouldn't work on this project since the background was already a reduced opacity color. To make the punch "eraser piece" it would need to be reduced in opacity to match the background, so it would become invisible. However by doing this, the pin would still show through. Hang the pins off the edge of the page, problem easily solved !

To make multiple pins, be sure to group all of the pieces together on your completed pin then copy and paste as many times as you'd like. NOTE: They can not be rotated. You will need to build each pin seperately at the desired angle if you want them to look knocked over. At least I didn't see a way to do it easily.

I entered these pages in a contest: they did not win.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. Heather,

    Wonderful digital project. I love how you created your pins.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I was able to follow your instructions and make a cute bowling birthday invitation- my very first MDS project. :) Thanks!

    1. Congrats, Tori, on completing your first MDS project ! I'd love to see it ! I created these with the old original version of MDS, I bet they'd be easier and can be rotated with the new MDS2 (I'm one of the hold outs, waiting for it to come out on disc). THANK YOU =)


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