Friday, February 18, 2011

Origami Heart Folded Money - Gift Basket

I try to make something fun and useful for packaging/presentation as part of the usual gift card present the nephews receive from me every year. This past Christmas I thought I'd make a little fruit basket for them and stick in some heart shaped $5 bills on pencils. Probably not the best idea since the money could have easily been misplaced amongst the gift wrap mess. I did include an envelope to stick the hearts in so they wouldn't be lost.

This was my first time folding origami hearts. It took a couple of attempts until I got it just right. By the time I was finished, I was a "pro" and could easily remember how to do it ( I don't remember now though!).

The buckets I found on clearance for $1.25 each. I made name tags to insert in the front opening, hoping they would reuse them for something in their rooms.

I cut a piece of styrofoam from old packaging to fit in the base of the bucket.

I inserted fruit, treats, a coupon for a video game rental and the hearts taped to pencils that were stuck into the foam.

There are numerous web sites with instructions. I chose this one:

Thanks for looking =)

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