Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cassie's Memory Box/Urn SUMMER

Cassie loved to "swim" in our creek, but absolutely hated baths. After she would take a dip in the creek, she'd shake off as much as possible (always funny to watch) then head up to grandma and grandpa's house. Sometimes she would hang around our house after swimming, waiting under the porch to dry off and hoping she would be let back inside without anyone noticing she had been wet and was now dirty, needing a bath. More often than not, off to the grandparents house she would go.

Anytime she was given a bath, or just hearing the leash rattle thinking she was going to get a bath, would send her to the grandparents.

Whenever I applied flea preparation to her, she would go to grandma and grandpas to tell on me.

Occasionally she would get bored staying outside while I worked in the yard and walk to their house. Many times I wouldn't realize she was gone until after I came inside to clean up. After a quick call to grandmas to make sure she was there, she would almost always spend the night.

She would make that 1/2 mile long walk up hill several times a week most of the year and at least once a week during the cold winter. Some days she'd go up there two times !

She didn't' always go to tell on me, many times she made the walk just to visit with them - and to see what yummys they were having for supper.

Or to simply visit her best friend, their dog "Pretty Girl".

Pretty Girl knew when Cassie passed, was very sad the first few days afterwards and has since done a few Cassie things. It is freaky !

Somehow she sensed when Cassie passed, seeking out mom during that time. Pretty Girl would never willingly go into the bathroom since she gets baths in there, but on that particular morning during that time, she found mom in there and snuggled up into her would not leave. She wouldn't eat and acted out of sorts the rest of the day.
The following day she was blue, just sad looking, still not herself.

Later that week mom came down to the house with Pretty Girl in the car - she refused to get out of it. No matter who tried to coax her out, she would just lay there in the seat with sad eyes looking at us. We kept going out and checking on her, she hadn't budged. It was the strangest thing, odd behavior for her.
I've visited a couple of times since. In the beginning I could tell she was out of sorts - especially when she expected Cassie dog to be with me and she was not there. How heartbreaking !

Cassie could not stand thunderstorms, she would shiver and shake, insist that we stay with her, hand on her. Storms never bothered Pretty Girl until the first one we had after Cassie's passing. Once again, she sought mom out in her bedroom which she never does, she knows she isn't allowed in there. But that night she insisted she lay down next to moms bed.

Pretty Girl was always so gentle when she took treats from our hands, never nipped at fingers. Cassie on the other hand was terrible about gobbling things up as quickly as she could and would nip at fingers, she had been like that her entire life. Perhaps she learned that as a puppy fending for herself to get enough food. She never outgrew it.

When we had dinner at their house recently mom told me Pretty Girl had "gotten grabby" for the first time ever the past week. All of these little things make you wonder.............

The summer side of the memory box/urn is dedicated to Cassie's love of the creek and her buddy, Pretty Girl. I thought the two photos would go well together since nearly anytime she went swimming, it was followed by a walk to grandma, grandpa and Pretty Girls house.

All supplies used in this project are from Stampin' Up!, some of which are now retired.

Kiwi Kiss scalloped circle note card
Crushed Curry card stock
Library clip
Crushed Curry polka dot grosgrain ribbon
Pick A Petal brass template
paper piercer
rhinestones - color them with permanent markers
sticky strip
glue dots
Circle Scissor plus
The ribbon around the top was stamped with Whisper White craft ink and the paw print stamp from the Bow Wow stamp set. Be sure to let dry (overnight is best) before handling because it takes a while for the craft ink to dry on the satin ribon.

Trim the scalloped circle note card to fit the box.

Cut out the photo with the Circle Scissor Plus.

Use the Pick A Petal brass template to pierce the dots and to use as a placement guide for the rhinestones.

Tear the bottom edge off of a piece of Crushed Curry card stock cut to fit the small photo. Attach a library clip and piece of Crushed Curry polka dot ribbon. Mount to the box with dimensionals. 

I'll add an accordion folded piece of paper for journaling behind the small photo, using the library clip to hold it in place. I'll pull it out and unfold it to read, then fold it back up, slide it back in and reclip into place. I thought about making it attached to the box at one end and the back of the photo at the other, then unhinge somehow to read. The only way I could think of to do that was to use velcro dots to hold it in place - and I didn't have any on hand.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project and leave your comments, I always appreciate them =) 

Come back tomorrow to see the Fall side of the box.


  1. That's a sweet little memory box, I like how you included her special friend :)

  2. Heather,

    Your memory box is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing all those fond memories of your fur baby, Cassie. It sounds like she was one loved baby and I'm sure she's looking down on you now from doggy heaven where they never make her take a bath and there are plenty of creeks to take a "dip" in. :0)

    Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja


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