Saturday, May 21, 2011

13 Year Cicada Invasion !

The 13 year cicadas are making their appearance. I was being "swarmed" by them today.... eeek !

I opened the kitchen door this early morning to let Ringo out and thought I felt something wet fall onto my arm, "must be my imagination, how could something wet fall from the ceiling" . Then I thought, "Oh, maybe it was a bug, a spider!, and I thought it felt like something wet" so I turned around to look around on the floor. Lo and behold, it was a freshly hatched cicada - and unbeknownst to me, the shell was sticking to my sock ! I assume it just hatched, fell from the upper portion of the inside of the door jamb when I opened the door. The shell must have come down with it, fell onto my sock. I flipped it outdoors, it buzzed about in circles on the ground obviously still getting the wings dried out and working properly. Ringo had a go at trying to catch it,  but quickly lost interest.

I am amazed at the number I have seen so far this morning, flying all around the yard up to the trees. They are also crawling up out of the flower beds I have put in since moving into this house by the dozens today. I'm done pulling weeds in the flower beds for the time being, these critters are creeping me out  - and landing on me !

Edited to Add: Ick!!! The driveway was covered with them by days end
I see a new chore in my future, sweeping the driveway each day. 

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