Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show Truck Scrapbook

I finally made my first, real, 12x12 scrapbook !!!! It is pretty basic, nothing elaborate. I wanted to make a special book of my parents show truck for them. I have a few photos I've taken of it over the years that chronicle some of the changes the truck has gone through. I thought a scrapbook of those photos, as well as a place to keep all of the various dash plaques they've collected over the years, would make a nice gift.

I happened to find a photo printer at a yardsale just before I started this project. It was a nice little stand alone HP printer that included one new in package ink cartridge and some paper so I thought I'd take the chance and buy it for $25. I normally would never buy electronics at yard sales, but knowing I was going to make this scrapbook I thought it might be nice to have.

After I brought it home and opened it up, I got worried that it would not work - the ink cartridge was dated 2007! I was happy that it did work (it locked up on me frequently though, so aggravating) and is a pretty nifty little unit, but I'll stick to going to a store for developing my digital photos. It took me nearly 5 hours to sort, resize and print 41 photographs. It takes two minutes to print out one photograph. I won't be using that printer for large photo batches anymore, far too time consuming ! The photos did turn out great for the most part, several were too dark or were cropped off (same issues I have with printing at the store many times). It will be nice for a quick picture here and there though.

On to the project.

I created 18 pages, a couple are two page spreads, several are single pages. As I said before, they aren't anything fancy, but I'll share them with you over the next few days anyhow.

It started with a basic black "leatherette" postbound 12x12 scrapbook that included 10 sheet protectors I found at a local discount store . 

Some of the items used are from Stampin' Up!; others are from various other manufacturers. 

I kept it pretty simple with no bulky embellishments. I didn't want to take a chance on them damaging photos on the opposite page, not to mention adding extra bulk and weight to the project.

I'll show a couple of pages a day over the next several days.

This is the first photo of the truck that I have at one of the first car events they attended with it. Dad had just started personalizing the truck at this point.

I printed the logo off of the computer. 
The grungy black background came from a page kit I bought at that same discount store as the album. 
The photo and printout are layered on red paper. 

Textured teal background paper.
Strip of Going Gray card stock (Stampin' Up!) stamped with tire tracks Stampin' Around Wheel.
The tag was made by cropping out just the wheel/tire from a photograph, reducing the opacity slightly, adding text then printing it. Layered on red paper. 

Brilliant Blue card stock stamped with Versamark ink and Classic Pickups stamp set, all from Stampin' Up! (retired paper and stamp set). 
Same red paper as the two layouts above.
Black photo mounts.
I reduced the opacity on a photograph, added text, then printed it out to make the tag.

My plan is for them to add the dash plaques to the even pages. Dash plaques are small pieces of lightweight metal or magnetic sheets that are printed with colorful graphics stating the name and date of the event they attended. They are normally given out to the first registrants of an event, such as the first 50 that show up. 

Thanks for looking =) 

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