Monday, June 20, 2011

High Water Again

Here we go again ! Severe storms dropped inches of rain on the area again early Saturday morning. The creek was already swollen, but the torrential rain pushed it out of the banks and into our field. Trees and phone lines were down, too. It was a mess, so much so that we had to take the 35 minute long way around to get my son to work - that is normally a 10 minute drive !

The Mississippi River crested here today , but with all of the rain we are going to get tomorrow I don't think it is going to recede much. As of right now we are not in danger of being flooded, but it is a bit worrisome knowing the river is so high and more rain is on the way (we live a mile off of the river). The experts predicted major flooding this year. Although we haven't hit major flood stage here, many other areas of the country have been devastated by flooding. 

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