Monday, August 8, 2011

Pantry Door

I did a little "home improvement" project last month, nothing fancy...... in fact it is almost downright sad looking.

We have a 105 year old house, it sags and nothing is square, thus there are no doors to speak of. In order to make one fit, it needs to be cut down on all sides, especially the top and bottom. Too much work and aggravation so, there are no doors (except on the bathrooms).

The door to my pantry has been in the garage for YEARS, buried behind the old car waiting restoration.

On a whim a little over a month ago my husband decided to move the cars out, clean out the garage - which also meant removing the old solid wood door. It was not going back in the garage he said, so I had to start cleaning and sanding to try to make it presentable before attempting to hang it on the pantry. I spent HOURS working on that thing, then it was just too hot even in the shade so I quit. I am not happy with it, but I had no chance to work on it more because he insisted it get hung up right away, it was not going back in the garage.

I sanded and cleaned the thick old cream paint. The original plan was to use crackle medium and paint to make it look crackled, then it kept getting hotter and more humid so I knew I would not have enough time to work the crackle properly.

I squirted brown spray paint on it , randomly, then sanded it back off. I wanted it too look distressed, not like something that had been through a fire !!!! Oh well.

This is the result . I plan on trying to convince him once it gets cool this fall to take it back down so I can work on it some more. I don't think he will though because he spent hours trying to get it up the first time.

I still want to repaint the walls. I liked the raspberry color, it looked nice with the old floors and counters. 
I think it ought to be a different color with the new tile floor and counter.

And this is how much the door needed trimmed in order to open properly.
There are two pieces of wood trim that need to be put back up still. 


  1. The door looks old and distressed just like I like it!! You go girl!!

  2. Oh the joys of owning an older home! Our first home was about 70 yrs old and none of the studs were on a standard center...
    I think the door looks good!


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