Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

I was driving my children to school on one of the first perfect days of fall for us here in the Midwest. Cloudless blue sky, mild temperature, it was going to be a beautiful day. Once we arrived at the school, I would send them to their classrooms then assume my duties as volunteer librarian as I did every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

We were listening to FM101.1 The River with Vic and Trish In The Morning on the radio in my van, singing along to certain songs at times or chatting about random things. It was our morning ritual. 

Around 8:10 AM we were driving up the long hill to the school, the kids were looking out the window at the sheep in the field. Trish announced that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center. No details were given beyond that. I assumed it must have been a tragic accident involving a small aircraft. My 6 year old son asked if I thought the people would be okay. My nearly 10 year old daughter also expressed concern. 
We hoped it wasn't terribly serious as I explained how big the towers were, there were likely thousands of people in them, and so on. We had no idea, hoped for the best after such an accident. 

There were no TVs in our small rural school and at the time we arrived no one had really heard anything yet. I mentioned it to the school secretary as I signed in. They turned on a radio in the office. 

Some time into my duties, she came racing to the library, working her way back down the hall from other classrooms, to let us know that another plane had hit. Still at that point in time I had no idea that the first had been a jet with so many passengers on it............ 

I quickly wrapped things up and went to the office to sign out. The secretary wondered aloud what was  going on, should we be concerned with gasoline, food. Another employee asked if we thought that we should get our money out of the banks, what if the power grid or computers are compromised. I left the school thinking about what they had said. I also wondered all the way home: should I have brought the kids home with me, what IS going on? 

Looking across the wide open fields along the road I noticed that there was not a single jet trail or plane in the sky. I still was unaware as to the full extent of what had happened up to that point in time and was absolutely sick once I made it back to my house to see the latest news. In fact after I saw what had happened, I may have been one of the few that could not watch the TV the rest of day. 

To this day, despite their young ages at the time, neither of the kids has forgotten.  

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