Sunday, October 16, 2011

Admiral Riverboat Miniature and Postcard

We recently went to a car show in Springfield, IL and bought a memento from St. Louis at a cool old record store/ shop. It's my sons favorite store to spend time in while in Springfield at the car show. Each time we go in ( two or three times over the weekend ), we see something new.

I used restraint and didn't buy the two old Breyer model horses I really wanted, but had no room for. Hubby couldn't resist the Admiral set, no room for that either, but I managed to clear out a space on the bookshelf for the time being. I just happened to have a small frame (that already had a picture in it) nearly the correct size to put the postcard in.  I plan to move them to the hall with the other two river related prints I matted and framed hanging on the wall that I painted.

Click here for more information about the Admiral.

Here are the two prints I personally matted and framed that are hanging in the hall:

I worked for a frame shop many years ago. 
I ordered this huge Michael Blaser print then matted and framed it. 
It is titled "The Moonlight Above Memphis".
Funny tidbit about this particular print: it is a signed numbered print,
I didn't get to choose the number.
The random number that was sent to me was #396 - 
this happens to be a Chevy engine size and we are a Ford family !

Old print (reproduction) of the Eads bridge in St. Louis. 
In 1970 the print was given to employees of a local quarry that an uncle of mine worked at. 
He gave the print to my parents as a gift. They passed it down to me a dozen years ago. 
I matted and framed it, hung it on the wall opposite the Michael Blaser print. 

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