Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bargain Cabinet Pulls

The plants were a bargain, but the deal mom and I fell into was almost a steal:
24 new pulls for my kitchen cabinets, regularly $4 each and we got them for 50c each !

They were marked on clearance for $1 each. The cashier that was ringing us up asked if we got them off of the clearance rack. Yes, we had (they had yellow stickers, couldn't she tell ?). She didn't say anything, but walked over to another employee and scanned a card in her hand. Rung up our plants (mom bought some, too) and two cans of spray paint. Total was just shy of $37 ! We didn't think anything of it, but when we got to the car mom looked at the receipt because she thought it was awfully cheap. Sure enough, the pulls rang up 50c each ! WOW !!!!

I was hesitant when I first saw them in the store, wasn't sure I wanted something with a debossed design on them and they are longer than my old pulls. They are an antique brass though, which is what I needed since I didn't want to replace the hinges, too (I'm cheap).

I cleaned the cabinets and installed all of the pulls that evening. I am really glad I got them, they look great! My old ones were tarnishing and needed replaced, but I couldn't justify spending $100 on handles alone (plus probably just as much if I needed to replace the hinges). I like them even more since they were so cheap.


  1. I love the foliage design on these and at only .50 each, how can you NOT love them!! But seriously, usually the ones with any design are much more expensive. I had to have the daisy design years ago and paid dearly for them... (this was before children and stamping, when I had a little more spending money!!

  2. I really like them too! And the price makes me like them even more!


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