Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making Progress - OWH

A regular follower wondered in a recent comment how many cards I have made:
I haven't counted yet, but here is a photo 

The top row of cards are all new, 
some of which I have already shared here on the blog.

The bottom row of smaller cards still need envelopes. 
Most are newly made (I will share some eventually) from old scraps and unfinished samples. 
 Others are old swaps received that I tweaked and turned into cards. 

My goal is to fill this cardboard box.
I think I am well on my way to accomplishing that ! 
Once I sort, label and pack them I will see exactly how much room is left,
likely add more cards (no sense in mailing empty spaces!).

Thanks for looking   =) 

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  1. OMGoodness! This is just amazing, Heather! This is such a wonderful thing you are doing and I am so impressed by your generous spirit and your creativity!


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