Monday, January 2, 2012

First Night Button Collection

I've been face painting little kids - and some adults - nearly every year at our local First Night Celebration. When I was adding my latest button to the collection today I thought I would take a photo of them all to share.

I was originally recruited by a friend at the time in 2001. They needed someone to do quick little images painted on kids for the children's venue. I had done some work for our elementary school so I gave it a shot.

At that time there was another face painter in another venue that did entire faces. That artist took quite a while doing detailed paintings like tigers and such. The idea was for me to whip out something quick so the little kids could have at least a little something on their hand or face and try to keep the lines short, moving quickly.

Good thing I try to keep things as simple as I think I can and with very limited choices, I always have lines (and it never fails, requests for other things) !

Sometimes I have wee little ones getting their first painting done, almost always frightened of course because they have no idea who I am and what I am about to do to them. Some actually sit quite still, are entranced at what I am doing others are just too squirmy despite mom/dad/grandparents really wanting them to have something painted, the child has other ideas. I never want to force a child to do it.

I also have a few adults ask if they can have something done, I always accommodate them. Also some teenagers come through wanting their boyfriends name or team name/jersey number.

And every year I am photographed or videotaped by dozens of parents (I sure hope they zoom in on their kid and keep me out of it !). There were far more shutterbugs this year than ever before since so many people have cell phones now that are capable of taking photos or video. 

The last few years a new face painting group came in to replace the other hand painted faces. They do really neat airbrushed designs on faces, half faces to full faces. I ALWAYS get requests for those once people have seen them, they think I do that. Sorry, not here. I think it would be really neat to do though !

Anyway, here is my collection. I painted faces every year except for 2008 (which would be the 2009 button) because for some reason I didn't receive my paperwork and assumed that they didn't need me. We were going through a flood at the time, mail/newspapers/etc were being held for two weeks because they couldn't get through. I think it may have been lost in that craziness because I found out afterwards that they did want me back.

Last years button looks a little different, no ribbon on it, because I was a guest that year. The college was undergoing renovations so some of the venues weren't going to be available. They decided to bring in a circus and cut back on the other acts/experiences. I was able to attend First Night as a guest, so glad too because the circus was amazing !!!

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