Monday, January 23, 2012

Missing My Ringo Cat, sniffle......................

I'm sick with heartache................................ it doesn't seem possible to lose yet another cherished pet, but I am trying to come to terms with the fact that something terrible must have happened to my Ringo cat. He has not been seen since last Wednesday night.

He had been fine, no signs of any illness whatsoever, his normal, lovable self. That night hubby said he saw him eating what he thought to be a mouse. When Ringo came in, he was sitting near me on the couch and I made the comment the he almost looked ill the way he was sitting, I wondered aloud if eating whatever it was upset his tummy. I asked hubby if he had D-con put out anywhere, he said no. When I went to bed an hour later Ringo was still on the couch near me; I gave him a little scratch on his head and and wished him goodnight, hoping he was okay. I really didn't want to get up in the middle of the night to clean up cat vomit if he was sick.

That was the last I saw of him. I did not let him out the following day. Of course no one recalls letting him out. Our best guess is daughter (or hubby) did late, late that night while they were up watching TV and don't remember. It's such a habit letting him in and out. He'd stand up on his back legs, pawing at the knob with his front paws, all the while meowing "out!" loudly. Very cute - and annoying if I didn't want to let him out and he kept it up !

The following day there was an ice storm, below freezing temperatures and cold winds blowing all say; he would not have stayed outdoors in that frigid weather.

We've looked all throughout the house, the property, the barn with no signs of him.

I made a sign for the end of the driveway offering a reward.

It breaks my heart, he was such a good cat, a real lover and still so young, active, healthy at only 5 years old. He was a mouser, outside prowling for critters or just cat napping in the rafters of the barn every chance he had. He loved to hang out with me at times in the craft dungeon, getting in the middle of whatever I was working on. The past several months he started to sit on my lap at the computer (Mulligan cat always did that!).

He was so tiny and had cuts on his face when my son found him all alone in our yard in 2006. He always called him his cat since is the one that found him. I didn't mind, even if I was the one that did all the pet related chores for Ringo (just as I do for all the pets). We looked all over for a momma cat or more kittens, never found any. To this day we do not know where he came from. 

Helping look for four leaf clovers

Even several inches of snow couldn't keep him from heading to the barn.

This photo I forgot I had and it is a tear jerker for me:
Ringo was scratching at the newly installed storm door to be let out. 
Cassie dog (RIP March 2011) was already out there, you can see her reflection.
On the other side of Ringo is a bag of Kit N' Kaboodle cat food reflected.
That was my cat Mulligans (RIP August 2010) favorite cat food. 
If I tried to pass off any other brand, he would not eat and loudly meow in protest to let me know 
 that it was not his preferred food. 

Ringo loved to lend a paw to help.
Here he was checking out my freshly painted walls, "nope, not dry yet."

Typical of most cats, he'd find crazy places to cat nap.
This was a new spot last fall: husband had just brought the fenders to the car inside the house 
(do not ask!!!!) and a box of car parts, perfect spot to snuggle in for a nap.

Yes, I had quite a messy work table in the craft dungeon, so many things on it but he insisted on finding a spot to hang out last fall. This was during my marathon card making for Operation Write Home.

I'll miss the little pink nose peering at me from outside my craft window. 

What hurts the most is not knowing where he is
 what has happened to him
(and losing sleep thinking of so many terrible possibilities.........)
quite possibly never seeing him again.
I am trying to be hopeful that he will jump on the door,
sliding down it while meowing as loud as possible to let me know he wanted inside. 
He'd then walk between my legs and rub on them,
wrapping his tail around me as he does so,
tripping me with his happy hello greeting.

2012 is not a good year so far for me


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this! Hold out hope a little longer, we've had cats disappear for a few days, or even a week and then show up. Usually I figure they were hiding out somewhere. Though it sure doesn't sound good that he felt ill and then went out in an ice storm. Just terrible news! Hang in there, you've had a rough time with your pets the last couple years :(

  2. I am so sorry that you are going through this! It is so hard not knowing. I hope to hear that he has returned soon! I loved the picture of the paint testing and laughed at your DH having car parts in the house. This is a regular occurance for us as well!


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