Friday, January 27, 2012

Storage Idea - multi piece embossing folder set

I love the Stampin' Up! embossing folders and own several of them. I keep them stored alphabetically in a little plastic drawer; they stand on end.

My most recent purchase of Textured Impressions Embossing Folders was the new the Adorning Accents 3 piece set. I didn't want to leave the three small folders loose in the drawer because I thought they may slide under the larger folders when I shuffle through them and I would forget about them if I don't see them . I came up with this storage idea: Rather than just keep them loose in the drawer, I decided to keep them in the cellophane package they came in. Then I thought they would probably get jumbled up in the package, so my idea was to add a piece of card stock inside then fold them over it. Hopefully this will keep them in place in their package. Next step is to make a new envelope to keep them in since I know the lightweight cellophane packaging they came in won't last. Maybe I should suggest to Stampin' Up' that they sell extra plastic envelopes like the new Framelits come in, the 3 piece set of Embossing Folders would fit perfectly in one of those.

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. Another great organizing tip! I have some smaller emb. folders and often forget them because they are always in the bottom of my container...


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