Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eek - lizard tail!

So I was going to clean the cat box the other day and jumped  -
probably the highest I've jumped in years:
there was a pretty good sized lizard tail on the floor, blech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lizards that hang out around our house always freak me out, they look so snake like and they are fast !

For whatever reason there has been one (or multiples?!?) inside the house this past year.
I guess since we had the large tree just outside cut down that they lived in they decided to take up residence in our house.

I've actually seen two of them in the house, one I was able to get outside after Kitty caught it in the dining room. The other got away from her/me in the basement last fall which is where this tail was found. I can't imagine it finding enough food to eat inside to survive this long. Then again, it is the creepy dungeon of a basement, maybe it is able to find enough spiders (eek again!) or whatever. I should hope that there are not nearly enough bugs in the house though to keep a lizard alive, maybe it has discovered cat food ?

Yep, the skin that was found on the pot in my base kitchen cabinet in December must have come from the lizard (I found out that they do shed their skin like snakes do). There is a gap in that cabinet, it has an oening to the floor that connects to the cabinet with the water pipes and drain that go to the basement, os the critter could crawl up that way. THAT freaks me out, too; I'm still cautious when I open it up at times. I'm also on alert whenever I hear a noise or think I see something out of the corner of my eye while in the craft dungeon.

Paranoia !

If snakes, critters creep you out and you are squeamish at the sight, don't look.....


I just need to be thankful that it wasn't a really big alive spider !  ha ha.

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  1. LOL, Heather! I think I would have jumped too! I love watching the lizards outside (where they belong), but would be a little creeped out with them inside too! But, I have to say, I would deal with the lizard in the house much better than a snake!


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