Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Award

Seriously, this post has been sitting as a draft that I overlooked ?!????
I wrote SEVERAL posts and set them up to publish each day the last couple of weeks 
so I wouldn't spend so much time on the computer when I should be working in the yard. 
Somehow this got lost in the queue,   oops!

THANK YOU  to Margaret at Black Shadow Creations for bestowing this award on my blog =)
I was supposed to pass it along, but I don't really follow other blogs, gasp! Nor do I "Pinterest".... I know, I know get up to the 2012s already.  I do follow Margaret's blog (my  #1 cheerleader, thank you so much!) as well as two long time email friends, but that is it due to internet that has a limited monthly usage allowance. Blog surfing uses a LOT of my allowance plus so many blogs have lots of photos and such that take so long to load, if they even load at all so I've decided it isn't worth the hassle to try. This is why mine is so plain, less load time for readers. I know I miss a lot of fantastic ideas, but by not surfing around to several blogs a day I have more time to create my own things (yeah, right, I like to tell myself that ! )

Anyhow, despite my not passing the award along, I wanted to thank Margaret for the honor and send you to her blog. Be sure to leave some nice comments on her projects and sign up as a follower while you are there =)

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  1. You are so sweet! From seeing all of your fabulous creations, you don't need much outside inspiration!! Hugs!!


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