Monday, May 7, 2012

BHG Pin and Win Contest

I caved, I made a Pinterest board ! I spent HOURS searching for and posting photos to a board for the Better Homes and Gardens Pin and Win contest. I created a board to show some ideas I'd like to use in my dream attic redo = crafty space.

I see how Pinterest can easily become an addiction and one would lose track of time on that site, whew. For me, I think it will end with that contest entry due to our internet connection. Pinterest is not dial up connectivity friendly, at least with ours: nothing wants to load. It works great using the mobile broadband plan - except that it eats up the limited usage far too quickly. So for now, unless I am out somewhere with free WIFI, I won't be pinning :(

While there I discovered that several of my creations shared here on the blog have been "pinned" by others, how flattering ! I'm glad that some of my projects have inspired others =)


  1. I love Pinterest too - and it does suck up my time! Love your inspiration.

  2. When I first started w/ pinterest, it was hard to manage my time, but now I generally use it as a place to hold my ideas and to do lists. I don't really search everyone else's pins. You could spend an eternity trying to see everything!


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