Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Itsy Bitsy Spider.............

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am about ready to get rid of all my crafty stuff , no more craft dungeon...............................  for whatever reason the past year I've seen more critters in this 100+ year old house, eeeeeek !!!!!!! Too many cracks and crevices I have yet to find to seal to keep them from sneaking into. A couple of lizards, a snake in the craft dungeon last month, big spider in the kitchen sink a few weeks ago........... shiver ! Thankfully the latest, another large spider, was already dead. Nonetheless, it had been hanging out in the craft dungeon because that is where I found it all curled up, nearly the size of a 50c piece ! I don't want to know how big it was alive with the legs all spread out - yikes ! That's two big ones in the house in a month now. I don't think that home defense bug killer I sprayed worked very well. Perhaps all of my working in the craft dungeon the past week, moving boxes etc to get to my supplies for the baby projects made it come out of hiding,

Anyone know of home improvement contests, etc I can try to enter my attic into ? Yeah, I really, really need to move my crafty area up out of the creepy dungeon of a basement ! One year when the kids have moved out I will take over their old bedrooms ;)

Headed back down there with a can of bug spray at my side; I've a retirement card and patriotic cards to get done!


  1. LOL! Since it was already dead, maybe your bug spray is working!
    Got the coolest card in the mail today! Thanks so much!!!


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