Friday, June 15, 2012

Milk Can Redo


This is the milk can I found at a yard sale earlier this year-
I paid $2 , yes two dollars, for it !

I did a quick, rough paint job to it using outdoor
acrylic crafts paints, paintbrush and home made 
star stamp cut from a craft sponge. 

 I think I will totally repaint it eventually.
At first I thought I'd leave the old rust and such on it,
but afterwards decided maybe I ought to clean it better and
 start with fresh paints all over the can to protect it.

I'm anxious for the petunias to grow and spill out
over the edge of the pot I found in an old barn
that I sat on top of the can.
I think it is too tall,but will do for now . 
There are also white impatiens and blue salvia in it. 

The huge basket full of flowers next to is a small
drop in refill container that I bought on sale for half off 
then sat inside an old bushel basket.
$8.49 for this gorgeous, full pot of flowers that filled
the old basket really well. 

I haven't been able to find my old "Welcome Friends" sign yet
to hang on the fence section so I guess I need to make something else.

This is the opposite side of the porch.
a couple of years ago on my blog.

The potted plants on top of the old table are another half off bargain.
The geraniums in the chair were also half off, $6.50 for a hanging basket.
I never see baskets of flowers so full and healthy on
clearance. I was thrilled to find these !

The flowers in the basket sitting on the porch were 
all bought separately then I repotted them. 
The red wave petunias were bought in a flat;
I planted them in four places around the house. 
The white geranium was damaged on the way home,
breaking off the tallest flowery stem.
I snipped it and have it in a container of water,
hoping it will take root so maybe I can replant it.
This is the first time I've ever done that, maybe it will work. 


  1. I love how you display your flowers! Such a great way to use things that might be thrown away otherwise! Someday, I will have a covered porch and be able to repurpose all of those wonderful thrift store and yard sale finds! For now, I'll just sigh and look at your beautiful pictures!!


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